About Flower Delivery iFlowerGift.com


iFlowerGift.com is your new online flower delivery service.  

We're passionate about flowers and want to share our passion!  

Whilst some people are perfectly happy with hand-tied bouquets, we believe that true flower lovers want to experience the fun and enjoyment of arranging their own blooms.  Although you can display the blooms inside our single-variety flower boxes 'just so', in their pure glory, you may also want to have a go at being a bit more creative...
iFlowerGift.com is in the business of pleasing everyone involved in the life of a bloom: 


fresh flowers

Harvest-ripe Blooms only 

We don't actually pick our flowers until they're ready to be harvested.  This means that they'll unfold as nature intended instead of standing in your vase in bud until they die...


Fair Pay for Farmers

The farmer who grows the flowers is paid above average for his efforts.  We want to support local farmers and not force production to another continent where farmers are paid peanuts...


Affordable Luxury

YOU receive luxury flowers at a very affordable price - we send you the flowers directly from Holland and cut out all traditional middle-men...


We work with a network of farmers, floristry experts and wholesale suppliers of pots, vases, artificial flowers and plants.  Not everything we can offer is shown on our site so if you have any particular requests, please get in touch and we'll do our best to organise it for you!