What to consider when choosing wedding flowers

Are you planning your wedding?  That's great!  As the old saying goes, 'proper preparation and planning prevents poor performance...'  This is also true for weddings.  There are SO many things you COULD do, it's sometimes hard to decide what you SHOULD do.  

Here are 5 practical tips about what you should think about when you choose your wedding flowers.

The flowers you choose for your wedding will set the scene and help create the mood for the day.  

You've probably already decided whether you want loads of flowers or a select few.  Sometimes less is more but sometimes you want to splash out and create a fairy tale wedding with all the trimmings...

Regardless of what you choose, make sure you go through this check-list of practical tips first.

1) Are you planning a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter wedding?  

Whilst lots of flowers are available all year round, some blooms are very seasonal.  Don't set your heart on sunflowers in the middle of Winter or cymbidium orchids in the middle of Summer.  You won't easily find them outside their natural growing season.

Seasonal flowers are lovely to use at weddings, especially as you'll be able to buy them at reasonable prices!

If you want certainty that the flowers you want ARE available then you may want to limit your choices to popular blooms like roses, gerberas, stephanotis or anthuriums.  These are great all-year round flowers.  



2) What type and colour of dress will you and the groom be wearing?

You've probably spent weeks planning the clothes you and your husband-to-be will be wearing on your wedding.  The flowers you choose will also depend on what you, your bridesmaids and groom plan to wear.  

Red flowers may not look great with pink dresses.   A modern design dress may be complemented better by calla lilies instead of romantic stephanotis, gypsophilia or roses...  

Will the groom be wearing a boutonniere?  You'll probably want to mirror this with blooms from your bridal bouquet.  Small flowers are more suitable for corsages.


3) What are your favourite flowers?  

You'll probably want these in your bouquet or in your table decoration...That totally makes sense!  

Just think about the practical aspects of your favourite flowers.  If they wilt quickly then it may be a challenge (= read additional price tag!) to get your display to last through the day.  

Is the stem of your favourite flower rather delicate or short?  Then that's an additional challenge for whoever is arranging your flowers.

This is why non-seasonal blooms are frequently used in displays.  On the whole they have a strong stem and will last through the day if kept in water and cooled until they're needed.


4) What shape bouquet do you want?

Do you have visions of a long trailing bouquet or rather a neat little round posy?  A hand-tied bouquet may need to be kept in water until just before you walk up the aisle - watch out for dripping water!  A floral foam option is a neat solution to this.

If you choose a long trailing design then this may need a metal frame and little water veals attached to various blooms.  This may be a challenge to organise.



5) Finally, are there any special themes or symbolisms you need to respect?

Are you having a Scottish wedding and need flowers to match a tartan?  Or are you going for a bling party with beads and all sorts of pretty extras?  

Is anyone allergic to specific flowers? 

It's good to think about the implications of your flower choices on others.  You don't want to accidentally ruin the day for guests that may get a migrane from hyathinth scent or symbolise white lilies with death.


 Wrapping it up...

The choice of flowers for your wedding is a very personal matter and it can be great fun exploring the different options.  Your budget may well be the most important factor to consider.  Wedding flower arrangements can be really expensive.  You can, however, still go for a grand display on a low budget.  You'll simply have to do all the arranging yourself - or preferably with your family and friends.

We can send you flowers fresh from the flower farms in Holland if you'd like to DIY.  Just get in touch with us.