5 reasons Dutch flowers are so successful

1) You see, the Dutch live on very fertile ground. The soil is a treat for every gardener to work in.  Nature has made the soil nutrient rich and soft.  

2) A lot of the land is reclaimed from the sea, which is why large segments of The Netherlands lie under sea level.  This means that there is a huge network of canals that make sure the land isn't flooded.  This also means that there is never a water shortage and irrigating plants is easy.

3) The country side is flat which means that greenhouse constructions are simple and machines can easily work the land.

4) The Dutch have traditionally also had cheap energy.  They have their own supply of natural gas that illuminates the greenhouses at night, stimulating plant growth.

5) Like this, generations of Dutch have developed their knowledge and skills in growing world-famous Dutch flowers.  Arguably the most important part of this knowledge is that the Dutch value their resources, including Mother Nature.  Insects may help in pest control instead of toxic chemicals.  Water isn't polluted or wasted.  Farm workers are on fair pay and have good working conditions.

Although there are stunning flowers grown all over the world, the rose grown in The Netherlands surpasses in quality and beauty.

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