Want to know the meaning of pink roses?

Colour and flowers convey meanings.  They have their own language based partly on emotion but also on how difficult it is perceived to possess a particular flower in order to give it away again.  After all, more emotion is added to something that is difficult to obtain (such as a magnificent pink rose) than to something that grows on the side of road (like the equally beautiful but by no means exquisite pink clover).

As it is, the rose is the acknowledged Queen of the flowers.  Hundreds of years of breeding have gone into this flower to make it available all year round, in all shapes and colours and sizes.  Roses symbolise luxury, love and a whole range of other delightful things, partly depending on their colour.

The pink rose fills a special place in many people’s heart.  Pink is more gentle than the passionate red rose, showing a willingness to compromise and share the joy of life.  The beauty of the pink rose comes lies in the fact that there is no such thing as the ‘standard’ pink rose.  Whether as the long-stem variety with a single elegant bloom or as a spray rose with lots of little glorious blooms, the pink rose never fails to charm.


The pale pink rose is sweet and romantic, it has a touch of innocence about it.  This is why little pink spray roses are a popular choice for weddings.  Multiple little blooms arising from one main stem can be seen as a hopeful anticipation of babies to come.  The pale pink rose can stand for appreciation of the little things in life that are so very important to us.

A stronger shade of pink conveys stronger emotions.  These are ideal ‘thank you’ flowers, showing someone that you care for them.  The beauty of the language of flowers is that you don’t need words to go with them.  The flowers convey your message without you having to actually say anything.

Hot pink roses are more powerful still.  These express a thirst for fun and life.  This isn’t, in fact, exclusive to pink roses, other hot pink flowers convey a similar meaning. 


Sometimes the contrast with other colours is important to the meaning.  Trustworthy green reinforces the symbolism whereas white adds a touch of innocence.  If you want to home in on the fun and bouncy element of the flower then add yellow flowers.  By adding red you’re daring clashing colours to harmonise.