Take Pride in Flowers!

Yippee! Summer is coming and the Pride Festivals are approaching.  For some a time to reflect on equality, for some a great business opportunity and for some a time to go crazy and have fun.

Whatever your reason, it’s a fantastic opportunity to celebrate life, friendship and love – something we all should do on a regular basis.

Flowers make part of this celebration.  We celebrate every important step of our life with flowers.  The colours, the scent and the shapes make us happy and appreciate the little things in life that may otherwise be missed in our busy lifestyles.

Flower farmers in The Netherlands have been busy with breeding flowers for Centuries to meet the expectations of the people who want them on their table.  The most amazing blooms exist, there’s something to suit the lifestyle of everyone.

We’d like to introduce you some of the quirkier flowers that the Dutch have been creating. 


The Rainbow Rose

This is created by taking a top quality white rose, separating its stem lengthwise and immersing each part into a container with coloured fluid.  This dye is gradually sucked up into the petals which then take on that particular colour.


These roses are a fun accessory at Pride festivities or any other events where ‘rainbow’ is the colour theme.  The roses last as long as standard cut-roses.


Tip: You can try this at home, too!  It’s a fun experiment for kids of all ages.  Use natural food colours as dye.  You can also use other flowers such as chrysanthemums!



The ‘chocolate-dipped’ Rose

Yummy!  Well, actually it’s not really chocolate and you can’t eat these roses but they look absolutely scrumptious, don’t you think?


These roses are prepared by dipping real roses in a chocolate-lookalike liquid.  This closes the pores of the rose so they ‘preserve’ (to a certain extent).

These roses with toppings are a great treat for special events.  They combine an atmosphere of culinary delight with floral luxury and bling.


In the day and age in which we are safe to enjoy all varieties of living in harmony, the rainbow rose receives a special place in people's hearts .  You can carry this symbol on your heart by means of a buttonhole or corsage, you can hold your head up high with a rainbow rose in your hair or you can wave a royal greeting with a rainbow rose on your hand.  How will you wear your rainbow rose?


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