Delivery Information

fresh-holland-farm-flowers Your flowers are harvested to order and sent to you by regular post from The Netherlands - the very next day (the same day even with some varieties!).  We´ll package your flowers carefully in a special flatpack box.  

delivery-times We package and send your flower subscription box off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  This means that you get to enjoy the flowers over the weekend!

Within 24 hours, your flower box is in the destination country.  From there, the local postal service takes over and depending on where the flowers need to go, you should expect another 2-4 days delivery time.

 95% off our flowers arrive in time for the weekend.  We can´t, however, guarantee an exact delivery date!

free-postage FREE delivery applies to the majority of our flower products to the following countries:  England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

5 € delivery charges apply to islands (Channel Islands, Isle of Man, German and Dutch islands), Ireland and Switzerland.  

We currently do not deliver to countries not mentioned above.

Packages of 2-5kg have a delivery charge of 20€, 5- 10kg are charged at 25€.  Delivery charges of 10€ apply to floristry supplies, unless they are small enough to be packaged with your flowers.  In that case no additional charges apply.

flower-care As soon as you have received your flowers, please off 2cm of the stems (diagonally) and place the flowers in fresh water.  You should also add the enclosed flower nourishment.  

Flowers may take a couple of hours to recover from their journey.  

We guarantee that your flowers will stay beautiful for at least 5 more days, possibly even longer.   Unfortunately we can't guarantee a fixed delivery date as we use the standard postal services.  Please bear this in mind when ordering!

Flowers will wilt sooner if exposed to frost, wind or intense heat.