5 Days Freshness Guaranteed

Your flowers will normally be harvested on the day that you order them.  They are then left to hydrate on water all night before being packaged and sent to you.  You can't beat that for freshness!

We guarantee that your flowers will remain pretty for at least 5 days after you receive them!  In fact, they may actually remain good for up to 14 days - depending on the type of flower you buy.  It also depends on how you treat your flowers after you receive them.


Should your flowers NOT last at least 5 days after you receive them, we will give you your money back - that's a promise!


How to treat your flowers after you receive them:

1) cut off the bottom 2cm of the stems diagonally using a sharp knife.

2) remove all leaves that may come into contact with the water in the vase.

3) place your flowers in a clean vase and fill it with clean water.

4) pour the enclosed flower food into the water.

5) don't place your flowers into direct sun light or any other area of draught or heat.

6) make sure that the flowers have enough water in the vase and give them fresh water after 5 days.

7) cut the stems again after 7 days.